Provisions that Prevent Period Poverty

This article appeared in the Evening Telegraph: 28/01/2019 [Online], Available: [Accessed: 2019, Jan 29] From its foundation in 2005 until 2012, I had the privilege of managing Dundee foodbank. I recall one particularly memorable encounter around 2010 where a young lady had just received the food I handed to her before pointing at theContinue reading “Provisions that Prevent Period Poverty”

Pondering Poverty, Politics and People

This article appeared in the Evening Telegraph: 21/01/2019 [Online], Available: [Accessed: 2019, Jan 24] “I cannae wait to get oot o’ this s****hole?” was a riposte I often used to hear from the natives of Dundee growing up here in the 1990’s. By 1997, 1,000 people were leaving the city each year to pursueContinue reading “Pondering Poverty, Politics and People”