Brexit: The Poor People’s Vote?

This article appeared in the Evening Telegraph: 25/02/2019 [Online], Available:  [Accessed: 2019, Feb 25] Last April, the campaign for a people’s vote on Brexit burst onto the political agenda with the force of a freight train but it has felt recently as if the amber light on the fuel gauge has been signalling thatContinue reading “Brexit: The Poor People’s Vote?”

The Secret Millionaire’s Lasting Legacy

This article appeared in the Evening Telegraph: 18/02/2019 [Online], Available: [Accessed: 2019, Feb 25] Do you remember the last time you paused for a moment and wondered where the weeks, the months and the years had gone? I have been reflecting recently upon the last decade because it was exactly ten years ago to theContinue reading “The Secret Millionaire’s Lasting Legacy”

A Budget Constrained by Caution

This article appeared in the Evening Telegraph: 11/02/2019 [Online], Available:  [Accessed: 2019, Feb 13] Last week, I travelled to the Scottish Parliament for the budget address with Scottish Unemployed Workers’ Network (SUWN), a campaign group based in Dundee which was joined by campaigners from across Scotland in the call for progressive taxation for welfareContinue reading “A Budget Constrained by Caution”