The Five MSPs I Believe We Will Miss | Part 3/5

I first met Scottish Conservative MSP Adam Tomkins in the aftermath of his election to the Scottish Parliament in 2016. Mr Tomkins, a professor at the University of Glasgow School of Law, was a campaigner for the union prior to the Scottish independence referendum in 2014 and was later appointed by the Conservatives to theContinue reading “The Five MSPs I Believe We Will Miss | Part 3/5”

Five MSPs I Believe We Will Miss | Part 2/5

Neil Findlay has lived through one of the most turbulent periods in the entire history of the Scottish Labour Party. Since being elected as a councillor in 2003, his party has lost control of governance at Westminster and Holyrood as well as becoming the third party in Scotland. Describing their affiliation with Better Together inContinue reading “Five MSPs I Believe We Will Miss | Part 2/5”