My name is Ewan Gurr and I have spent my life working alongside people experiencing poverty, having established Scotland’s busiest foodbank in Dundee over seven years. I then led The Trussell Trust in Scotland for seven years and helped pioneer a network of foodbanks in 118 communities across 28 out of 32 of Scotland’s local authorities which, in the last year, provided support to 210,605 men, women and children.

In July 2019, I completed a piece of research which is a revision of the existing definition on poverty, I am helping shape social security as a non-executive director for Social Security Scotland and, finally, I write a weekly column for the Evening Telegraph where I primarily ponder poverty, politics and people. This website contains the contents of that weekly column once published online.

Contact: Twitter @EwanGurr / E-Mail ewan@ewangurr.scot.

Ewan Gurr 2019


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