Dundee: From Austerity to Prosperity?

This article appeared in the Daily Record: 14/09/2018 [Executive Director of City Development, Mike Galloway, pictured outside the new V&A] “If Perth is the heart of Scotland then Dundee must be the armpit” said someone at a meeting I attended some years ago in Perth. Though I forcefully disagreed, the comments were reflecting disgust atContinue reading “Dundee: From Austerity to Prosperity?”

Working Your Way to Employment

This article appeared in the Daily Record: 18/08/2018 [Online], Available: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/peoples-dignity-must-prioritised-scotland-13098281 [Accessed: 2018, Aug 18] “Applying for benefits is like voluntarily admitting yourself to a torture chamber,” said one young man who came to the foodbank I was running in Dundee a few years ago. His benefits had been sanctioned because he had not bought theContinue reading “Working Your Way to Employment”

Unearthing the Roots (Part Three)

Refining our Response to Poverty The voluntary sector is a wonderfully creative, innovative and hopeful sector and I am humbled to call it my natural habitat. I believe charities have the potential to take us from being the fire-fighters of crisis intervention to becoming the whistle-blowers for crisis prevention but only if we are determinedContinue reading “Unearthing the Roots (Part Three)”

Unearthing the Roots (Part Two)

Reflecting upon the External Factors Political: “Poverty is a psychological battle. [It is] forcing myself, as a single mother, to pursue opportunities when it feels like the entire system is opposed to your achievement of success.”[1] I saw an exponential rise in demand for food in 2008 when statutory budgets were slashed following a national recession,Continue reading “Unearthing the Roots (Part Two)”

A Resolution to End Hunger

Working in a foodbank is absolutely brutal. While the selfless souls who generously give of their collective time and energy will receive some implicit reassurance from the fact that they are not completely inactive in the face of hardship, there is still no doubt it is still a place that leaves you bruised, bereft andContinue reading “A Resolution to End Hunger”